Cute and Cuddly or Just Plain Creepy?

Look Who’s at the Forest Park Zoo!

zoo pioneer valley, zoo springfieldVisitors to the Massachusetts Pioneer Valley will be able to enjoy The Zoo in Forest Park again in April, and this is the perfect time to become acquainted with the attraction's many exciting exhibits. After all, this highly rated destination has 78 different types of animals, birds and insects on display, and this makes it easy to find something that will please everyone in your group.

Cute and Cuddly Animal Exhibits

If your favorite part of visiting a zoo is saying "aww" when you encounter extreme levels of cuteness, you will not be disappointed by The Zoo in Forest Park. In fact, the Babydoll sheep are adorable enough to fill up an entire memory card with photographs. However, you'll want to make sure that you save some space to take pictures of the prairie dogs, Lionhead rabbit, Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, black-and-white ruffed lemur, eastern bobcat, fennec fox and the many other unbelievably cute animals that are on display.

Embrace the Creepiness

No visit to a zoo would be complete without testing your phobias. Additionally, people of all ages who love the creepy side of life will get a kick out of exploring some of the zoo's scariest exhibits. We recommend checking out the exhibits that contain snakes, insects and other oddities, including the red tail boa constrictor, tarantula, Goliath Bird eater, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, corn snake, American alligator and bats. Once you've seen all of these creepy creatures, you can take a look at the bearded dragon to learn about this fascinating reptile that takes its name from one of the most popular fantasy characters. It's also intriguing to spend time viewing animals that are cute and potentially dangerous such as the African pygmy hedgehog and poison dart frog.

Paradise for Birders and Big Cat Lovers

Anyone who loves birds and big cats will have an enjoyable visit to The Zoo in Forest Park due to the fact that about 25% of the exhibits this year contain these crowd favorites. The major emphasis is on birds, and you will have the opportunity to study many of them up close, including the omnivorous African White-necked vulture, the gorgeous Blue-and-gold Macaw, the Great Horned Owl and the Red-tailed Hawk. However, if big cats are more your thing, make sure you prepare to take lots of pictures of the western bobcat, spotted leopard, South American cougar and other furry residents as they alternate between napping and playing like kittens.

As if all of these creepy and adorable animals weren't enough to get your attention, the zoo also features a wide variety of other mammals and reptiles. In fact, you'll even get to see Arctic wolf hybrids and a North American black bear. With this level of diversity, it's no wonder that so many visitors to the Pioneer Valley put aside some time to stroll through The Zoo at Forest Park.

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