Top Specialty Shops in Greater Springfield

Satisfy Your Senses with Candies, Candles and More

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The wonderful things to see and do are virtually endless in Greater Springfield. Among these attractions are the specialty shops, which offer a cornucopia of marvelous sensory experiences.

Several shops offer delicious treats that are just too good to pass up. The delectable Richardson’s Candy Kitchen, located in Deerfield, appeals to the chocolate lover with its Founder’s Original Recipe Fudge as well as a variety of rich chocolates and specialty candies. Meanwhile, if you have a taste for gourmet foods accompanied by fine wine or beer, you’ll savor Table & Vine in West Springfield.

The variety of fragrances that emanate from candles in Bernardston comes from Kringle Candle Company, known for its distinctive all-white shades. Similarly, Yankee Candle Village in South Deerfield offers a scent sensation, inviting you to create your own candles as well as share in the myriad shopping and dining venues there. The wonderful fragrances from these shops linger even after you leave.

Among the sights to take in while you’re in the Greater Springfield area are the Village Commons and the Williamsburg General Store. A contemporary recreation of a traditional New England village, the Village Commons in South Hadley is a visual delight with its lovely landscaping and brick pathways, making the restaurants, shops and entertainment almost feel like a bonus. Likewise, the Williamsburg General Store offers the ambience of an old-fashioned country store with its homemade pastries and breads, along with jewelry, gifts and other items to delight your eyes.

When it comes time for a little rest and relaxation, Greater Springfield has the place. Massages, spa manicures and pedicures, and anti-aging treatments are just a few of the tactile treats you’ll enjoy at Renew.calm. After all that shopping and sightseeing, this specialty shop in West Springfield provides you with a bit of pampering and self-indulgence.

With so many specialty shops in the Greater Springfield area, you’re sure to find several that will provide you a great and memorable experience. For help finding even more shops, as well as other things to do and see, the Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau is a great resource. Give us a call for specific details on places you’ll enjoy.

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